Advanced Product, Customer Behaviour and Marketing Analytics.
Acting as your Data Driven Consulting Partners in the era of too much data.

We take pride in hiring only the best analysts, developers, who fulfill each and every single need of the client. Moreover, Team of highly motivated individuals driven with the vision to provide exceptional value to your business using data,while maintaining high standards of quality and quick turnaround times.

People expect good service but few are willing to give it. Here at Fifty3 Innovations, we are driven by our values of authenticity, minimalism & efficiency. We strive to not only make our customers happy but ourselves too by doing justice to our ideology.

We do customer behaviour and product analysis to convert and retain segments that power your growth, while simultaneously looking for sub-performing segments and how to engage them.

We do “everything at one place” management of your clients, help you understand how to drive more conversions on your clients’ sites and show how each content drives conversion and traffic across domains and segments.

We do application and customer analysis for your product, helping you engage users, analyse pages, funnel out the stickiness of different pages and help analyse flow of users through the application.

About Fifty3 Innovations

Fifty3 Innovations, a Karachi, Pakistan based Design & development company, was formed in 2009, with the sole aim of providing Design and Development consultancy services to businesses. Now is the Best time for you to move your business to Internet. We provide our clients with High Value and Modern Designs that give you an Edge.

Why us ?

Designing is not our profession, it is our passion. Now you can have your own web site on the Internet at very reasonable price without doing anything. We provide Web & Software Development services using state of the art technologies. Our experts provide services related to brand creation, web presence & e-commerce based applications.

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